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The Capodimonte Park in Naples is the largest green space in the city of Naples. It extends for 134 hectares which include woods, open green spaces, streams, ancient caves and around 400 different plant species.

The park was initially designed as a game preserve according to the wishes of Carlo III di Borbone in 1734 and later converted into an English garden by Ferdinand II.

The Royal Palace is located at the entrance of the large complex and is surrounded by English gardens. There are also many other buildings which were erected during the 18th century, the Casino dei Principi, Palazzo Palazzotti, le Scuderie and the Church of San Gennaro di Ferdinando Sanfelice.

However, only the Porta di Mezzo gives access to the park itself with its numerous walkways and paths, fountains and antique statues. And this is the location of the royal factory of the Capodimonte porcelains, and also the tower building, the Vaccheria, the Casino della Regina and the Fabbricato Cataneo.

The park is open daily, from 9 am to one hour before sunset.

The park has three separate entrances: Porta Grande on via Ponti Rossi, Porta Piccola and Porta Miano (Bellaria) on the eponymous street.